INFINITY Foods & Nuts

is a newly established company, based in Athens, Greece. Our roots can be traced in the rural area of Markopoulo, Athens greater metropolitan area, which our fathers and grandfathers chose for their agricultural activities. 600 pistachio trees have been cultivated under the best conditions for more than 60 years and the wholesale of pistachios has been our families’ core business.

We are a food trading company, currently supplying local supermarket chains, convenience stores, bars and coffee houses with all types of nuts.

Seeing the recession as an opportunity, we have only recently decided to expand our activities to the export of traditional greek food products, by building a strong relationship with food specialists, wholesalers and food importers from abroad.

If you are in food wholesale or retail, a food supplier and distributor, a restaurateur or a deli ownerCONTACT US NOW! 

* Free samples delivered to your door upon request *