The finest nuts

Introducing and distributing all types of nuts to the Greek and International market

Locating Greece's finest

We have tasted and analyzed samples, seeking for the very best

Eclectic packaging

Our company offers high aesthetic packaging for all our products.

Nutrition and diet

Healthy and full of natural taste, ideal for the most demanding markets

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INFINITY Foods & Nuts is a newly established company, based in Athens, Greece. Our vision is to introduce our country’s best products and flavors throughout the global food market. Armed with belief and passion in our venture, we have travelled around Greece, meeting traditional farmers, as well as technocrat producers. We have tasted and analysed samples, seeking the very best. It was quite a unique experience: to locate and bring Greece’s finest foods, to you! If you are in food wholesale or retail, a food supplier and distributor, a restaurateur or a deli owner contact us and free samples will be delivered to your door upon request.
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